Analogy Questions in English for Competitive Exams


Important Analogy Questions in English for Competitive Exams like Bank Jobs, IBPS Jobs, Railway Jobs, UPSC, SSC, PSC, and other Sarkari Exams.

Analogy Question Quiz for Govt Jobs and Sarkari Exams. Question-Based on Analogy in English asked in various Sarkari Naukri Competitive Exams or Sarkari Examinations. Analogy test takes an important part in most common Govt Job exams so strong your practice for Sarkari Exams. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Analogy Questions-Answers in English for Sarkari Naukri.

Analogy Questions in English: Word Analogy Questions for Sarkari Exams, Govt Jobs

  1. Seraphim:Angel::Nymph:?
    – Maiden
  2. Explore:Discover::Research:?
    – Learn
  3. Paper:Pulp::Candle:?
    – Wax
  4. Homogeneous:Alike::Miserly:?
    – Cheap
  5. Calligraphy:Hand writing::Histogram:?
    – Bar Chart
  6. Petrol:Car::Ink:?
    – Pen
  7. Vapid:Insipid::Rapid:?
    – Swift
  8. Obtuse:Stupid::Obscene:?
    – Coarse
  9. Knife:Fork::Cup:?
    – Saucer
  10. Duck:Waddle::Horse:?
    – Gallop

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